I have an idea for a new piece of furniture, how do I get started?

Write down all of your ideas, sketch out what you think think your piece should look like, and gather images of what style or environment you will be placing your new piece of furniture in. Then send us a message, we can take your idea and develop it to a functional new piece of furniture. 


I have a tree from a family property, how soon can I use it for furniture?

This answer in not straight forward, all trees are different. There will be questions: when was it cut, how was it stored? If you want a live edge piece a typical tree will take 1-2 years after it cut into slabs (planks). If you want something similar to our cedar root bench after the piece is cut will take just under 1 year to dry.


How do I care for my new butcher block?

Butcher block care is a labour of love, to keep it in top notch condition the block should be wax/oiled with the changes of the seasons. 

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